A person who dislikes shopping, or does not have much time for shopping, and so tends to select items quickly and without much thought.
Example Citations:
The clichés are that women shop, men buy. But when I went shopping with people — and I went shopping with a lot of men and women — I found that a lot of women are what men are supposed to be, which is the 'grab and goers,' who hate shopping. When a man spends hours and hours and hours online looking for the right cellphone or something like that, he's shopping. But the culture tends not to notice that.
—Lee Eisenberg quoted in Sarah Boesveld, " Q&A: Good news — it's okay to shop:," The Globe and Mail, November 9, 2009
There are thousands of workers out there in desperate need of some serious morning nourishment that they can literally just "grab and go"....Unfortunately, convenience and healthy eating don't always go hand in hand, but for the health-conscious grab-and-goer you could always put together some kind of bag meal: a yogurt, some fruit juice, a single-use cereal and milk container, or even a filled bagel.
—Stuart Ferguson, "Breakfast on target," Caterer & Hotelkeeper, January 10, 2008
Earliest Citation:
Keep consistency of category location and brand position on shelf for 'grab-and-goers'.
—"Soup: need a driver, PoS dismal," Grocer, April 5, 2003
I'm a bit surprised that grab-and-goer dates only to 2003, since the verb on which it's based — grab-and-go — dates to 1986. In fact, it might be older than that, because in the earliest citation I could find, the author uses it somewhat matter-of-factly and not even in a true retail sense:
The alternative that I'm concerned about . . . Is having a national health care system such as exists in England, or on a small scale right here in this country with the VA Veterans Administration system, where there aren't incentives, everything is grab-and-go, there's a lot of bureaucracy, a lot of boredom.
—Paul Berg, "Rodney Ellis: 'At First I Wanted the Glamor'," The Washington Post, April 16, 1986
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